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WOOD KIT / Patriotic Gnome

WOOD KIT / Patriotic Gnome

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What could be cuter than a patriotic gnome to hang on your door! This kit includes wood round (14 inch) and all the wood pieces to make the look as shown. Just paint the wood pieces, glue them on the round; hang with a ribbon and display!

**Wood round is 1/4" thick birch plywood with engraved 'shiplap' lines on one side / wood layer pieces are 1/8" to 1/4" thick.

Tip: Use a roller with a high density sponge to make painting easier. Use a very light coat of paint so that it doesn't drip over the edges.  You can also use a dry stencil brush.

To help hold the small wood pieces steady while painting; lay down a strip or two of painters tape or masking tape. Lay the tape FACE UP on your table and secure at each end with another piece of tape.  Stick the small pieces to the exposed tape and carefully paint the surfaces.  The tape will help prevent the pieces from moving while you paint.

Secure pieces to wood base using wood glue. / Drill holes for a ribbon or use the included hanger kit (no drilling required)

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